GAC MOTOR’s Exceptional Quality Range

GAC MOTOR has one of the finest quality products in the automotive world. Right from design to safety features, quality finishes and more, every vehicle in the GAC MOTOR range is built to go the distance and remain with its owner for longer than expected.

According to a representative from Saud Bahwan Group, “GAC MOTOR vehicles are built to impress. High quality materials along with world-class finishes and more make a GAC MOTOR vehicle an absolute delight to own. Experiencing a GAC MOTOR vehicle is indeed a very special feeling. From driving dynamics, to vehicle stability, technology and more, owning your favorite GAC MOTOR vehicle is pure value-for-money.”

Relentlessly in pursuit of excellence, GAC MOTOR shines as an eye-catching car brand on the world stage. Currently in Oman, GAC MOTOR has introduced six star models including the Luxury MPV – GN8, the 7-seat Luxury SUV – GS8, the Compact SUVs – GS4 and GS3, the Limousine – GA8, and the Compact Sedan – GA4. This turbocharged line-up is equipped with the latest features and technology, is high on active and passive safety features and is also tested in extreme conditions.

GAC MOTOR International is devoted to the production and sales of world-class vehicles, engines, auto parts and car accessories as well as R&D of automobile engineering technology. Since its establishment, GAC MOTOR International has adopted a global vision and adhered to international standards, forming a world-class car manufacturing system with GAC MOTOR International’s global R&D network, world-class production mode, global supply chain system and GAC MOTOR International’s marketing approach as its core.

It has blazed a development path that is high-end focused, quality-first and innovation-driven with its development speed and profit level being among the best.

New World Autos LLC is the distributor for GAC MOTOR vehicles in Oman.

GAC R&D Centre has established a rigorous and well-organized automobile development management system with the vehicle design and development control program as its core components, major system standardization development process as an extension, and supported by standardization of management process in each stage of vehicle development.

It has passed the examination of ISO:9001 Quality Management System for certification review and approval. GAC R&D Centre has worked with world famous partners many times in thorough and complete chassis performance optimization. Joint effort was also made in testing and tuning in different road conditions and/or under various temperatures on major proving grounds, home and abroad.

For more information, please visit or Motor Oman or Motor Oman or Motor Oman/. For further details & to ascertain availability of stocks, please visit the GAC MOTOR showroom at Wattayah.