GAC MOTOR Unveils Exclusive Benefits Across Turbocharged Range

This season, easily own your favourite GAC MOTOR vehicle and take advantage of exclusive benefits. The benefits include 5 Years / 150,000 kms Manufacturer’s Warranty, Comprehensive 1 Year insurance (Oman Coverage), Assured Service 10 years/100,000 KMs on GA8 & GN8 models, 4 years /40,000 KMs on GS3, GS4 & GA4 models and 3 years /30,000 KMs on GS8 model and ‘3M’ Window Tint (For 21 YM Models). The campaign is valid until 22nd October, 2021 (Locations: Muscat, Sohar, Nizwa and Salalah. Conditions apply. For more details, please visit any GAC MOTOR showroom). 
GAC MOTOR has some of the finest turbocharged vehicles in its range. In Oman the range includes sedans like the GA4, GA8; SUVs include the GS3, GS4 and GS8 and the MPV includes the GN8. 

GAC MOTOR vehicles are painstakingly designed and engineered to offer customers some of the finest experiences in the automotive world. GAC MOTOR International is devoted to the production and sales of world-class vehicles, engines, auto parts and car accessories as well as R&D of automobile engineering technology. Since its establishment, GAC MOTOR International has adopted a global vision and adhered to international standards, forming a world-class car manufacturing system with GAC MOTOR International’s global R&D network, world-class production model, global supply chain system and GAC MOTOR International’s marketing approach as its core.

GAC R&D Centre has established a rigorous and well-organized automobile development management system with the vehicle design and development control program as its core components, major system standardization development process as an extension, and supported by standardization of management process in each stage of vehicle development. 

It has passed the examination of ISO:9001 Quality Management System for certification review and approval. GAC R&D Centre has worked with world famous partners many times in thorough and complete chassis performance optimization. Joint effort was also made in testing and tuning in different road conditions and/or under various temperatures on major proving grounds home and abroad.

GAC MOTOR has blazed a development path that is high-end focused, quality-first and innovation-driven with its development speed and profit level being among the best. 

In Oman, GAC MOTOR vehicles are distributed by New World Autos and backed by Saud Bahwan Group.