World-class Manufacturing

GAC R&D Centre has established a rigorous and well-organised automobile development management system with the vehicle design and development control program as its core components, major system standardisation development process as an extension, and supported by standardization of management process in each stage of vehicle development. It has passed the examination of ISO 9001 Quality Management System for certification review and approval.

Quality Control System

GAC MOTOR’s unique "GAC Procurement Methods" and strategic alliance with the world’s top 10 automotive suppliers enables a standardised and normalised supply chain management. In 2016, the parts reject ratio of GAC MOTOR’s suppliers was only 22ppm, much lower than the average level of other mainstream brands including both Chinese and joint-venture brands.

The core advantage of GAC MOTOR for making breakthroughs in the high-end market is its quality-based philosophy, i.e. conquering the international market with outstanding quality and high-end manufacturing capability.

GAC MOTOR has created a quality management mode with "Stop-Call-Wait and PDCA" as the core flows, "standardisation, systematism and platform" as the basis and "basic concept of quality control, quality assurance in process and constant improvement" as three vital elements, so as to ensure the cross-year, cross-platform and cross-model quality consistency in the quality system of GAC MOTOR. In order to ensure high quality and high safety, GAC MOTOR established a strict "6520" quality control system, carrying out "6 characteristic activities", taking the "5 monitorings" and "2 Screenings " as the main measures to achieve the "zero defect" goal, so as to fully improve product quality and provide consumers with high-quality and cost-effective products.

"Six Characteristics Management Activities": Start from the standardized operation and implement completion of working procedures; keep customers away from troubles through moving forward checking points; pay attention to management of changing points; make quick response to customers’ doubts, and realize continuous improvement and innovation. The "five monitoring" mechanism refers to supervision on suppliers’ products, market services, system and the third party. During pre-design, mid-term manufacturing and delivery in the later period, the Quality Control Department of GAC Motor has made all-pervasive monitoring from multiple dimensions, which enables to provide customers with the best product quality. To make guarantee on the quality, GAC Motor has set up two checkpoints including “inflow” and “outflow”. “0 "can be demonstrated in two aspects: GAC Motor comprehensively monitors the standardized production lines to ensure "zero fault" during production and make better guarantee on operation of production facilities with high efficiency and high quality; through the above " 652 " system with "zero fault" of production equipment, GAC Motor will ensure high quality of every car with "zero defect."